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Social Investors



MICS provides tailored investment advisory services to  social investors. These services focus on private as well as institutional social  investors. Philantropic  and charitable organizations, donor agencies, foundations, DFIs and all the multilateral and bilateral investment agencies that consider social performance and returns important in their investment decisions. All the above groups fall under this category. Services provided by MICS for this particular group of clients include but are not limited to the following:


  • Risk management and advisory services
  • MFI transformation and institutional development 
  •  Network management and reporting
  • Social performance management and consumer protection services
  • Institutional Assessment/Evaluation and Credit Scoring
  • Market Research and base line surveys
  • Due diligence and investment recommendations
  • Identification of eligible investment opportunities and institutions (MFIs, SMEs etc)
  • Feasibility Studies and market research


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